“Don’t follow a trend. Follow you heart.”

Krist Novoselic, Nirvana

As a fashion enthusiast, I try to stay in the know with the latest trends and fresh ideas. This page will be updated regularly with hot off the press looks that will keep you a step ahead in the style game. I tend to use this material as inspiration and put my own spin on what’s in vogue. Just remember to always break the rules and choose to express yourself rather than doing what’s cool.

Rock on, L.

Friendship Bracelets

Wayne Coyne and Miley Cyrus, 4ever friends

In 2020, I have big colorful dreams! With some new adventures in the works, I want to focus on fostering established friendships and new ones I make along the way. I’m adding friendship bracelets to the trends page because they are major cute and they represent my fondness for human connection. Here are some examples of this trendy token below.

Socks and Heels

Photo Credit: In Style UK

Wearing a chunky heel with cutesy ankle socks is making a comeback! It reminds me of the baby doll 90’s trend. Think Courtney Love crossed with Cher from Clueless. “As if!” This can be done with mary janes or sandals. Mix it up! Below, see how I applied this look with some shimmery “WTF” socks and velvet chunky heels. I’ll be posting more of this look coming very soon.

Courtney Love, Getty Images

Bolero Hats

The Spanish hat WWE star Paige is wearing has me frantically hat shopping at every retailer I see. This one is adorned with silver conchos. There is also the unadorned look, like Madonna circa La Isla Bonita. Prince and Sheila E. sported the bolero hat with a soft romantic fashion vibe. These hats can be a bit pricey, depending on the material. That is why I continue searching thrift and vintage shops for now.

Sheila E., Prince, Cat
Photo by Frank Griffin

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