Sock it to Me Baby!

Bad girls and baby dolls of the 90’s.

Courtney Love
by Kevin Cummins

“Hey, Kool Thing, come here, sit down

There’s something I got to ask you.

I just want to know, what are you gonna do for me?

I mean, are you gonna liberate us girls

From male white corporate oppression?”

Kool Thing, Sonic Youth, Lyrics by Kim Gordon

For this post, I’m taking inspiration from some fierce chicks of the 90’s. In 1994, Hole released the album Live Through This with the single “Doll Parts”. The video for this painful song featured singer Courtney Love and the band in dingy baby doll dresses, mary jane shoes, and barrettes in their hair. As I recall, this set the tone for mid-90’s alterna girl style. Love’s damaged and tortured identity resonated with 90’s youth, particularly her female audience.

Various female led bands ruled the alternative charts during this era. We had Garbage, Veruca Salt, Sonic Youth, The Breeders, L7, etc…to name a few. Not only did their sound and artistry influence a generation, but these musicians influenced my style and attitude. Alterna girl style is a lot of things, but I’m focusing on one particular look today – socks! Any type will do – stockings, patterned socks, knee socks, thigh highs, bobby socks, and more. Here are some examples of me experimenting with this look.

Photos by Leigh Kessel

This trend is making its way back to the fashion magazines, like InStyle UK for instance. So jump into some cute socks and shoes quickly! It’s super easy to execute. I had the shoes, so I only had to re-up on some new socks. The bobby socks were scored in the girls section at Target, because an adult version wasn’t available. These are size large, for my size 8.5 feet. I recommend mixing it up, as always. Don’t be afraid to use holey socks or ripped stockings too. Play with random shoes in the back of your closet. Break the rules like these 90’s rock chicks did and really “sock it to em'”!

Thanks for visiting Moda Muse. I’ll sign off with one of my favorite girl bands of the 90’s.

Enjoy, L.

L7 “Andres” Music Video

Suzi Gardner of L7
Getty Images

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